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Thermal Aquae Dermocosmetic Line

Moisturizing, rich in minerals and unique on the market. This is our Aquae Thermal Dermocosmetic Line!
Termas de Chaves has developed a line of distinct products that, in their composition, have the excellent properties of the Flavienses Thermal Waters.
Hydration is also important for our skin, especially in the parts of the body where we have more contact with other objects and more exposure to the sun: hands, faces and feet.
Thinking about you, and because staying hydrated goes beyond drinking our Thermal Water, we have found the perfect solution in collaboration with a research team so that, even far from the Chaves Spa, you can maintain this hydration routine in your home.
Moisturizing Cream for Hands, Face, Body and Feet, Body Firming, and exfoliating and moisturizing soaps make our Termal Aquae line indispensable in the daily routine.
Visit our online store, discover all the products and take them with you.

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