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Gasocarbonic, bicarbonated and rich in minerals, thus is Chaves Thermal Water which spurts from the source at 76ºC and gathers the ideal characteristics to take care of your body and mind in a unique experience and engaging space.
In Termas de Chaves, you will find a renowned thermal temple with a wide range of treatment and relaxation services benefitting from the Chaves hyperthermal Water, indicated to stimulate metabolic and organic functions due to its mineralization.


Chemical composition

Temperature 76°C

pH (at 20°C) 6.80

Electrical Conductivity (at 20°C) 2320µScm-1

Alkalinity (in mL/L of 0.1M HCI) 288.9

Dry Residue (at 180°C) 1744 mg/L

Total Hardness (in p.p. 105 of CaCo3) 7.4

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) annual average of 600 mg/L

Fluoride (F-) 8.3 mg/L

Total Mineralization 2625 mg/L

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) annual average of 600 mg/L

Hydrogen carbonate 1762 mg/L

Sodium (Na+) 623 mg/L

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