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Treating tendinitis naturally is possible at the Termas de Chaves

Inflammation of tendons, structures responsible for transmitting strength from muscles to bones, does not choose gender or age. Calls tendinitis are usually the result of repetitive movements and affect the daily lives of many Portuguese people. The good news is that there is a solution at Balneário Termal Flaviense and we will explain everything you need to know.

How does this pathology develop?

When muscle and tendon are heavily used, they initiate an inflammatory process that we typically call tendinitis. But just like the joints, the tendon ages, getting weaker and thinner. Therefore, in addition to repetitive gestures, age can also be an important factor.

Does tendinitis appear only in one part of the body?

No! There are several areas of the body prone to developing tendinitis. In professions linked to office work, for example, there is a particular incidence of epicondylitis, an inflammation of the tendon of insertion of the elbow muscles (upper limbs). In the case of athletes, inflammation of the Trochanter, located in the upper part of the Femur, or the Patellar Tendon, is more frequently observed. Other frequent typologies of this pathology are Achilles Tendonitis (in the foot, in the Achilles tendon), Patellar Tendinitis (in the knee, patella), in the hand (especially in the tendons of the back of the hand), in the shoulder, wrist and hip.

What are the symptoms manifested? Is there treatment?

Manifested as a sharp, localized pain that increases when using the joint in question, tendinitis heals faster if diagnosed early. However, if the activity is maintained, the picture can be accentuated and the pain will also become evident at rest. The good news is that preventing, treating and alleviating your symptoms is possible.

Can the Chaves Hot Springs be the solution?

Of course yes! Flaviense Thermal Water, combined with excellent techniques and professionals, has proven results in the prevention and rehabilitation of various inflammatory musculoskeletal pathologies, such as tendinitis.
It all starts with a consultation. After surveying the patient's history and analyzing additional tests, a Hydrologist at Termas de Chaves will prepare a treatment plan tailored to the diagnosis and patient.
Aquistas can also benefit from a 35% discount (up to a maximum amount of €95), by requesting the respective prescription from the Family Doctor before starting the Thermal Treatments.

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