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Therapeutic Thermalism: source of health and well-being!

Termas de Chaves are recommended for the treatment and prevention of various pathologies, combining the characteristics of Flaviense Thermal Water with proven techniques and excellent professionals. The key to improving health is through Balneário Flaviense.

The benefits of Thermal Medicine are undeniable and the Termas de Chaves have an essential element for its effectiveness: Thermal Water, a resource that has unique characteristics. It sprouts at 76º, is bicarbonated and contains minerals such as sodium, silica, fluoride and hydrogen carbonate.

The treatments carried out at Balneário Flaviense are therefore indicated for the prevention, treatment and recovery of Musculoskeletal pathologies, whether degenerative (Spine, Hip and Knees), inflammatory (Rheumatoid, Gouty or Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylopoietic Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia), joints (Tendinitis and Epicondylitis) or post-traumatic recovery (Fractures and Dislocations).

Furthermore, they provide therapeutic alternatives for Digestive pathologies, such as Gastritis, Duodenitis, Hepatobiliary Dyskinesia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Constipation, and Respiratory Pathologies, namely for Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Laryngitis, Bronchitis/Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma.

To benefit from these treatments, lasting 7, 14 or 21 days, it is necessary to initially make an appointment with one of the Hydrologists at this resort, who will indicate the thermal techniques most suited to each user's clinical history. Thermal practitioners can also request a Medical Prescription (P1) from their Family Doctor to obtain a 35% Medical Subsidy for Thermal Treatments through the NHS, up to a limit of €95 per purchase.

For those looking for an experience lasting just 6 days, it is possible to choose one of the various Short-Term Programs, created to achieve specific objectives and which seek to meet the different health and well-being needs of users.

Thermal spas are a natural alternative to improving physical and mental health! Appointments can be made at

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