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Termas de Chaves: The perfect getaway for a summer vacation full of fun

Surrounded by a stunning natural landscape and a rich cultural heritage, the Termas de Chaves are increasingly the choice of families, couples, young people and those looking to rebalance their health and well-being. In addition to a diverse range of Spa activities, the Thermal Spa now has several Short Term Programs, which complement the traditional Therapeutic Thermalism offer with shorter-term healing experiences. With the promise of a peaceful environment, Termas de Chaves emerges as the perfect refuge to relax, rejuvenate and recharge your energy this summer. While outside, the city is buzzing with various leisure, cultural and visiting options that create a dream vacation, without leaving the country.

It is inside the Spa that the thermal experience takes place with the main protagonist being the Thermal Water which, in addition to its differentiating properties, also has the advantage of being naturally hot (it springs at 76° and is cooled before reaching its various destinations). The combination of this unique resource with thermal and therapeutic techniques results in improvements in health and well-being or it can simply be the perfect answer to a dream vacation, adding the possibility of recharging your batteries or relaxing your body and mind.

It is precisely in this aspect that Short Term Programs can be the perfect option, as they allow visitors to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of Thermal Waters, in healing experiences lasting fewer days. Covering Anti Fatigue, Respiratory, Reconditioning and even special options for Pregnant Women, these six-day packages are adjustable to the specific needs of each individual and encompass different Therapeutic Thermalism treatments.

For those looking for just a good time, alone or with someone, the comprehensive and flexible range of Spa and Wellness programs at Termas de Chaves has answers for all tastes. From showers with massages to pool immersions, from steam treatments to saunas or Turkish baths, each guest has the freedom to personalize their experience according to their pace and needs.

This trip through the emblematic Largo das Caldas is only complete with a visit to the welcoming Buvete, surrounded by flower gardens, inviting visitors to try the famous Flaviense Thermal Water. Known for its properties and effectiveness in relieving physical and mental stress, it is the culmination of a journey of relaxation and well-being.

During the summer, this paradise in the very north of the country, touching neighboring Spain and located in the Alto Tâmega sub-region, presents numerous initiatives such as the N2 Festival, Festa dos Povos, hiking, theater, live music and much more. Chaves is a treasure trove of stories, a gastronomic treat and a reference of tranquility, with the Spa as the epicenter of health and revitalization. To make the experience even more complete, Termas de Chaves recently launched a free APP, available for iOS and Android, which offers the possibility of checking what to visit, where to eat, what to stay and plan a stay with a simple click.

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