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Spa season at Chaves’s Balneary starts with new therapeutic programs and increased Spa offer.

Termas de Chaves reopen this Wednesday, February 1st and start the new season after, receiving more than 9,000 guests, the highest number ever, in 2022.

Seven new short-term Therapeutic Thermalism programs, new offers in terms of the Spa, news in the dermocosmetic line and the conclusion of the Complex of Outdoor Swimming Pools at Termas de Chaves. The new Thermal Season at the flaviense balneary starts this Wednesday, February 1st, and looks forward to a year that has everything to surpass the historic mark of 2022: the highest number of guests ever, surpassing 9 thousand.

Complementing the already traditional and extensive offer in terms of Therapeutic Thermalism, this year is marked by the launch of seven new Short-Term Programs: Respiratory, Anti-Fatigue, Firming, Shape, Reconditioning, Pregnant and Postpartum. The Bathhouse Administrator, Brigite Gonçalves, says that these offers were developed because “we realized, from the dynamics of demand and through our clients, that there was a need to create healing experiences of shorter duration, but also longer than one, two or three days that we have in our Spa and Wellness area. In this way, progress was made to create these packs, lasting six days, previously defined by our Clinical Director, Dr. Pedro Cantista, but which can be adjusted after initial consultation with one of our Hydrologist Doctors, taking into account the specific situation of each user.”

Also in the Spa and Well-Being, the season starts with new offers, created having in mind the needs of those who choose the Spa and which complement the 1, 2 and 3 day programs already available. “We are increasingly trying to reach new audiences. So, in addition to increasing our Thermal Spa offer with three new programs, one of them with a lower price, we also renewed the existing programs”, says Brigite Gonçalves.

For the administrator of Termas de Chaves “with the increase in demand registered last year, expectations for the coming times are very ambitious, so the news of this Thermal Season will not stop here”. For 2023, new developments are also planned regarding the Aquae Thermal Dermocosmetic Line and the completion of the Chaves Termas Outdoor Pool Complex, with a set of naturally hot pools that will provide all visitors with a unique experience in Portugal.

It should also be noted that, in 2023, the National Health Service continues to contribute to Therapeutic Thermal Spa Treatments, recognizing the impact and benefits obtained in promoting the health and well-being of the Portuguese people. In order to encourage users to use the Spa and aware of the contribution to disease prevention and health promotion, the SNS pays 35% for these treatments, up to a maximum amount of €95 per user.


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