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Spa and maternity: an essential duo!

Balneário Flaviense offers treatments specially dedicated to mums-to-be and all those recovering from the postpartum period. In this month dedicated to them, find out more about the spa offer.

Thermal treatments can be a real ally in the pre- and post-gestational phases, as long as they are accompanied by a doctor and adapted to the needs of each mum. The two Short Duration Programmes, developed and designed by Termas de Chaves for this unique period in a woman's life, are intended to relieve pain and help restore energy and physical fitness, especially during a phase that requires special care.

Consisting of 6 Pool Immersion sessions, 2 Lymphatic Drainage sessions and 4 Partial Massage sessions, the Pregnant Programme (after 12 weeks of pregnancy) includes registration, a consultation with a Hydrologist and a nutrition consultation.

The Post-Partum Programme, dedicated to those who have been mothers for 6 weeks or more, includes 6 sessions of Immersion in a Pool with Hydromassage, 3 sessions of Lymphatic Drainage and 3 sessions of General Massage Plus. Before starting the programme, it is necessary to have a consultation with one of the Spa's Hydrologists to assess the person's state of health. If necessary, the professional will readjust the programme. As well as personalised technical support, this programme also includes a nutrition consultation.

When it comes to motherhood, taking care of your physical and mental health can be the key to a smoother and even happier journey.

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