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Red Fruit Parfait with Chocolate

Month of Water, Women, the return of Spring, the change of time and also Father's Day. In March we have no shortage of reasons to celebrate and, therefore, Termas de Chaves suggest a delicious dessert to celebrate!
A Vegan Chocolate Red Fruit Parfait so there's no excuse when it's time to try. With strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and currants that prevent cardiovascular diseases, help control blood pressure and even strengthen the immune system, this recipe is the right choice to surprise your family and friends.
Quick, easy and tasty, that's this month's Healthy Choice. Do you accept the challenge and get to work?

•    400 ml of vegan cream
•   4 vegan Greek yogurts
•   2 tablespoons of powdered sugar
•    Lime
•    Fresh ginger
•   150 g of sighs
•   1 cup of strawberries
•   1 cup of blueberries
•   1 cup of raspberries
•   1 cup of blackberries
•   1 cup of currants

To the roof:
•    150 g of Belgian chocolate
•   30 ml of rice drink

Preparation mode:
In a bowl, beat the cream with the sugar, then add the zest of the lime zest, with the ginger root juice (grate some ginger and then squeeze the juice) and add the Greek yogurts.
Take a loaf tin, run through cold water and line the longer sides and bottom with cling film. Place a layer of the cream and, on top of it, the chopped fruits and the broken meringue, cover with another layer of cream.
Repeat this operation as many times as necessary until the entire shape is filled. The last layer should be cream. Cover with cling paper and place in the freezer.
Proceed to coverage. Put the chocolate in pieces with the vegetable drink in a bowl. Microwave for 50 seconds on full power. Remove and stir with a wire rod until the cream is homogeneous and the chocolate is completely melted.
Unmold the Parfait and cover with the chocolate sauce and place in the fridge. Serve cut into slices.

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