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More buyers in healing treatments and a growth of almost 50% in well-being: Termas de Chaves will register the highest demand ever in 2023

2023 arrives with a new record at Termas de Chaves: the highest demand ever, highlighting growth of almost 50% in the Spa and Wellbeing area. There were 11,598 Aquistas who, during the year, passed through this thermal space, registering an increase of 28% compared to 2022. “We are very happy with these results, which reflect the work we have been developing, surpassing the numbers recorded in 2019 , the year before the pandemic, by 48%”, says Brigite Gonçalves, Administrator of Balneário Flaviense. A strong increase in demand in both areas of the Spa: 12% more (compared to 2022) in Therapeutic Thermalism, with 3,435 Thermalists choosing Chaves to take care of their health. Spa and Wellbeing services were the option of 8,163 customers, with a growth of 49%.

The Balneário has been attracting more and more national and international visitors, with a significant increase in demand year after year. “In 2022 we had an exceptional result with around 9 thousand subscribers, exceeding all the numbers recorded since its opening”. This increase in visitors to the Thermal Baths also has a very positive impact on the region and the local economy, essentially for the hotel and restaurant sectors, which receive new customers every day. The first seven months of 2023 already foreshadowed a positive year, with 6,025 registrations in mid-September, representing an increase of around 32% compared to the same period last year.

With a new goal achieved, Brigite Gonçalves also highlights that the numbers obtained are a good incentive for the new Thermal Season and announces the reopening date “As of February 1st, we resume our work with the aim of ensuring a successful new year, with the same quality that characterizes our services.”

Some new features that have been implemented more recently have also contributed to the growth of the Spa. This is the case of the Short Term Programs, which complement the traditional offer of Therapeutic Thermalism and meet the need for Thermalists to carry out shorter-term healing experiences, and the new Spa and Wellness programs that give a boost to the demand for the Spa given the suitability of the offer to the different needs of those who purchase it. Also noteworthy is the APP Termas de Chaves, the first Portuguese mobile application for Thermal Tourism, free and available for Android and iOS.

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