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A Tribute in Tiles: legacy of Dr. Mário Carneiro marked with a panel at Termas de Chaves

On the day that marks the birth anniversary of Mário Gonçalves Carneiro, the First Clinical Director of Termas de Chaves and promoter of Thermalism in Portugal, a tile panel offered by an Aquista was inaugurated at the Spa

A hand-painted tile panel, with illustrations relating to Chaves and offered by an aquista. It was with the inauguration of this unique and distinctive piece, installed at the entrance to the Thermal Spa, that Termas de Chaves marked the birth anniversary of Mário Gonçalves Carneiro this Thursday, December 7th. The artistic piece, created by Atelier Joaquim Pombal, was unveiled in the presence of the Mayor of Chaves, Nuno Vaz, and the Spa Administrator, Brigite Gonçalves, in a special ceremony at the entrance to the Spa where the panel will be installed.

The initiative took place in a space full of history and memories linked to the illustrious Hydrologist, Mário Carneiro. For Nuno Vaz, President of the Municipal Council of Chaves “Dr. Mário is an unavoidable figure in the modern history of Chaves and that is why, in a very simple way, we pay this tribute today, on the day he would have turned 106.” For Brigite Gonçalves, Administrator of Termas de Chaves, “Dr. Mário was the great promoter of the Spas and a student of the Natural Mineral Water of Chaves and its benefits, its therapeutic indications and its health benefits”.

The panel offered in 1999 by an Aquista who, after undergoing Thermal Treatments, decided to thank his Doctor, has illustrations of historical monuments in the region and a text about the importance of Chaves Thermal Water. This tribute reflects the influence of the illustrious Flaviense citizen, whose passion for thermalism continues to be a source of inspiration for present and future generations, symbolizing the gratitude of the local community for his dedication to the thermal sector.

Mário Gonçalves Carneiro left a remarkable legacy in thermalism, both nationally and internationally, dedicating almost his entire life to the city and to the valorization and preservation of Flaviense Thermal Water. A journey that began on September 22, 1945, when he was appointed the first Clinical Director of the Chaves Hydrological Resort, a role he maintained for several years and through which he managed to influence and transform the city's thermal supply. Over the years, he contributed, defended and promoted the Spa, promoting the evolution and construction of new spas and implementing new and varied treatments that are still used today. He was also a scholar, with several books published on the subject.

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